Important Things You Should Know About Home Equity Loans


A lot of homeowners take advantage of their home’s equity. Homeowners tap it out to get a large amount of cash. Also, one can do this by applying for a Cash-Out Refinance Loan. If you plan on getting a Home Equity Loans Grand Prairie, here are five important things that you should know.

A Cash-Out Refi isn’t a second mortgage

One common misconception is that a Cash-Out Refi is a second mortgage. But, this is not the case since one needs to pay for your home loan before you can apply for a Cash-Out Refi. It means one won’t get qualified for a Cash-Out Refi if you are still paying off your original mortgage.

A cash-out will always be a cash-out

One of the cash-out loan rules is that once you pull your home’s equity, it will be a cash-out status for the whole time of the loan. It won’t matter how you use the money you got out of the credit. It means that the loan will remain in the cash-out status unless you can pay the loan in full.

One can borrow up to 80% of their home’s equity

While the amount you can owe will depend on the lender and to your current situation. One may be able to get up to 80% worth of their home’s equity. For example, let’s say your home’s market value is at $200,000, and you owe $ 100,000. The lender will pay for the amount you owe, which is $100,000. And then you get a new loan for as high as $160,000. It is the amount equivalent to 80% of your home’s market value. You get to cash out $160,000 that you can use for whatever plans you have.


Borrowers should be careful when spending their loaned fund

After the whole loan process, you can choose to spend your money at will. However, one of the drawbacks of a Cash-Out Refi is because it is so flexible. A lot of homeowners mistakes is that they tend to use the money on unnecessary things such as expensive purchases and luxurious vacations. The best way to use your money is to achieve higher education, for emergencies purposes and to consolidate your other debts higher interests. One way to spend your Cash-Out Refi is by using it to improve your home and properties that offer ROI or Return On Investment.

A Cash-Out Refinance has other alternatives

A Cash-Out Refi is not the only way to convert your home equity into a fund. Home Equity Loans Grand Prairie can also allow you to loan a lump sum while comes with a fixed interest rate. HELOC or Home Equity Line Of Credit, on the other hand, uses your house as the collateral. It gives you a credit limit that you can spend, but the interest rate will depend on the current economic rate. Furthermore, a Reverse Mortgage is best for the elderly (aged 62 and above). It lets them draw a sum of cash without requiring them to pay monthly mortgage fees.

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