What You Can Do to Ease the Stress of ‘Back to School’

The rising cost of education in ireland

It can be quite a daunting time for parents at the start of a new school year. New uniforms to buy for your rapidly-growing youngsters; trips and excursions to plan for in high school; and academic materials for college-bound students. Schools often have plans in place and relationships with various suppliers to help and assist, and they can be very useful too, but it’s unlikely you’ll be able to plan for every eventuality by solely relying on them. Here are a few actionable tips to get you all set.

Plan, Plan, and Plan Some More

The earlier you start preparing, the better. Even when your children are just a few months old, it will pay dividends in the end if you consider all the outlays you’ll be needing to make when required when they start school. And school-life isn’t cheap these days. Many countries in the West are experiencing rapid rises in educational expenses required at all levels of the schooling system. For example, the rising cost of education in Ireland is causing noticeable hardships for many parents. But help is at hand. Savings and investment plans are now available that are purposefully tailored to meet the needs of parents. Do yourself a big favour and look into the various plans available. You’ll thank yourself in a couple of years’ time.

School Materials

The list of materials your children need is virtually endless. It’s very easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of it all too and splurge too much cash on impulse buys and things you don’t actually need. Again, plan what you need to buy well in advance and look for bulk-purchase options online. High-street retailers see the start of the school year as a veritable gold mine in enticing parents and children into stores to spend their hard-earned money.

Instead, take it slowly, and well in advance of when you need these things, and do plenty of research online. Because online stores don’t have to cover as many overheads as physical shops, and coupled with the fact that the internet is a hugely competitive marketplace, you’re bound to find some great deals if you take the time to look. Also, consider buying in bulk for the whole school year.

Uniforms and Clothing

Kids grow so fast, don’t they? It wasn’t too long ago their uniforms were brand new and fitting well, but only months later were tight and showing the wears and tears of many a playtime tumble. School do tend to offer parents a choice of recommended shops to get uniforms from, but this shouldn’t be the only option you consider. Many shops offer generic uniforms where only the sewn-on school badgers differentiate one from another. It might also be a good idea to see a local tailor who can make mend and make alterations throughout the school year if necessary. It pays to make friends with people who can help you out in a tight spot.

There is an area where you really shouldn’t look to scrimp and scrape and that’s in the footwear department. Investing a little bit of extra money may seem a bit painful at the time, but quality shoes last far longer than their cheaper counterparts and you’re sure to get a full year out of them before they’re out-grown.

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